Make It Rain in the Best Strip Club of the Gold Coast

Welcome to the Manhattan Club, where erotica and luxury greet you at the door, the best place to make it rain!  A true Gentleman’s club, here, the sky is the limit. Step into a different era, an era you can only dream of – in your wildest dreams. Are you ready? 

Lingerie-clad, Topless, and Naked Waitresses

Let our topless waitresses take your breath away. They will guide you and cater to your every whim and every desire. We have a BYO or “Bring Your Own” policy when it comes to alcohol. Feel free to bring your favourite spirits and show everyone the big spender that you are. We will keep them chilled in our fridge behind the bar and have our gorgeous lingerie waitresses serve them to you. Nothing says “dirty pleasure” more than the combination of beautiful naked women and alcohol.

Choreographed Performances

Enjoy our stage performances and choreographed shows that will equal or even eclipse any Las Vegas and Parisian burlesque shows. Get teased, impressed, and aroused. Let our dancers bring out your innermost desires – your deepest darkest, sexiest desires. They can be naughty and nice, both sugar and spice!

Get ready to enjoy their famous wild, wild west number, bull-riding cowgirls, and more!  Our cheerleader babes will knock you out with their sexy mini skirts and pompoms and naughty Grand Prix pit stop girls, all ready and eager to seduce you.

gold coast escorts

Pole Dancing and Strip Show

Are you ready to make it rain yet? Get your stacks ready for our pole goddesses. They are professionally trained on the pole, exceptionally flexible, and gracefully erotic. They will get your juices pumped when they start twirling and writhing, their bodies intertwined as one with the pole, seducing every ounce of your being. 

Hold your breath; we are not done yet. They will tempt you and tease you, stripping one item of clothing off after another until nothing is left. Gyrating to the sensual music, their eyes focused on you and no one else. You are the reason they are there. You are the object of their desire.  

Then before you know it, you are making it rain all over the Manhattan club. There’s no other way to feel like a big success when you are spending it big in the best strip club on the Gold Coast!  Why go anywhere else? 

Private Function/Private Show 

Are you Mr. Big Shot who does not want to share the floor with anyone else? You can request for a private show or book a private function. You can have the show all to yourself or exclusively for your group.  

You can choose the waitresses you fancy and have them wear the lingerie of your choice from our sex shop, or you can have them serve you topless or fully naked.  You can pick the dancer or dancers you want to perform for you and your group. Have as much alcohol and food you want. Hey, big spender!


When you can no longer take the heat, we have luxury rooms at our 5-star brothel adjacent to the club, with stunning ocean views and excellent service. You can take your party next door and finish with a bang! You can choose from any of our waitresses and dancers since they also double as escorts at our premium escort service at the brothel. 

Just ask any of them and they will happily let you know. You can bring one of them, or maybe two or three, you’re the boss! Spend the night with the most desirable women on the Gold Coast. Bring some toys from our sex shop to spice things up and make the night the best night ever. Who says you can’t live the playboy lifestyle in Australia?

Only the big-time players can make it rain. And when you do, make sure you do it in a place like no other. There is no other place to go but the best.  

The Manhattan Club in Le Penthouse Suite, one of the best Gold Coast brothels, offers you the best of the best – top of the line amenities, 5-star luxury, exceptional service, and the sexiest, most beautiful women in town. Known for being the biggest, most exclusive in the area, we are one of the few strip clubs in the area that can offer exclusive hires.

The Gold Coast is known to be a surfer’s paradise with its pristine beaches, theme parks, and great food, but it can also be your ultimate sexual fantasy land. Enjoy our discount offer of $30 off on all Le’Penthouse Suite, strip club and brothel patrons. This leaves you with more money to make it rain. 

Don’t limit your experience here. When you are done with business and the touristy route,  head over to the Manhattan Club where you can relax, destress, and make all your desires come true. Make it rain in the best strip club on the Gold Coast. Expect nothing but the best and leave with more than anything you have ever expected. 

We are located at 15 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, NSW. Our discreet entrance can be accessed through 1 Navigation Lane, Tweed Heads. Call us today on 07 5523 7747 for inquiries and further details.

How To Get Discounts On Your Concrete Cutting Costs

concrete cutting costs | Vic Sawing

If you need to have a contractor come out to your job site to do concrete cutting, they will likely send someone out to see what needs to be done. Prior to doing this, they will not provide you with any type of quote or estimate on how much the job is going to cost. They will complete a full inspection, one that will evaluate the complexity of the job, and the type of tools that will be necessary to complete the process.

If it will require heavy machinery, or more time than you would like them to complete the job in, these are all factors that they will present in their proposal.

Let’s discuss how you can get discounts on the Core Drilling Rock for any job that you have in mind.

Why You Should Outsource These Jobs

It is common for most contractors that need to outsource these jobs to not have the proper tools to do concrete cutting. They may have a few machines, or hand tools that they could use, but they may not be adequate for the job. You will need to get multiple quotes from different companies that specialize in this area.

By doing so, you can get an idea as to how much it is going to cost in total. Whether you are looking at a very large concrete cutting job, or one that will take specialize tools to complete, you will almost always need to outsource this type of work.

What Type Of Tools May Be Required?

The type of tools that are required can range from handheld saws to those that are fully motorized. In most cases, for large construction projects, extremely powerful and expensive concrete cutting tools must be brought in. Although you could rent concrete cutting saws, they may not have the exact one that you need.

Your workers may also lack the experience to use them properly. If that is the case, you may end up spending more money replacing the concrete that is not properly cut then it would cost to use professionals that have the proper tools and expertise for the job.

How To Lower Your Concrete Cutting Costs?

There are three specific ways that you can lower the amount of money that it will cost to have a concrete cutting jobs completed. First of all, always use a professional that has the necessary tools, and highly skilled workers, that can efficiently do the concrete cutting. Second, you need to get multiple estimates from different companies that offer similar services. They will send people out to evaluate the job, and will get back to you within a few days.

By comparing the estimates, you will clearly see which company will offer the best prices for what needs to be completed. Finally, you may also find certain companies that are just starting out that will offer lower prices to build up their clientele. You can only find these businesses by doing a thorough search of the listings in the phone book, and on the web, and submitting a request for estimates from them as well.

Is There Often A Large Difference In The Quoted Prices?

There can be a substantial difference between the prices quoted by one company over another. For example, if it is a company that specializes in cutting concrete, and they are in high demand, you are going to pay more for their services. If you can find a business that does concrete related work, and they also have concrete saws, you may be able to get a better deal if they are looking for a side job. That’s why it is so important to get as many estimates as you can so that you will have the best possible chance of getting the concrete cutting job done at the lowest cost.

If you have not been able to find a professional to provide you with this type of service, you need to start requesting estimates from several different companies. Simply search for concrete cutting professionals online, and in the local business directory, and get your estimates back as soon as possible. This will allow you to find the contractor that is offering the lowest prices on this particular project. They may even be able to complete the project in a shorter period of time than their competitors. Proper research is the key to saving the most money on any construction project, including trying to find the lowest concrete cutting cost from local contractors.

Short-Term Business Loans

Short-term Business Loan | Loan One

Easy access to working capital is crucial to the success of your business – whether you are just starting out or you need to ensure a positive cash flow for your company. That is where a short-term business loan comes in handy. In fact, short-term business loans are geared to meet immediate financing requirements of a business such as unexpected extra funding requirements, cash flow gaps, and new business opportunities. Most of the time, a small business may have to transfer funds from other parts of the business under such circumstances. But a short-term business loan is a better proposition to transferring funds since it won’t affect the positive cash flow of other parts of your business.


Here are some of the advantages of a short-term business loan and how to get one.

A short-term business loan is beneficial to a start-up or small business.

In fact, such a loan is ideal during the growth period of the business. If you experience fluctuations in your cash flow or require funds for seasonal purchasing, there is no better option than a short-term business loan. If you are confident of paying back the loan quickly, you should definitely opt for a short-term business loan. Here are some examples where such a loan can benefit your company:


Receivables vs. Payables

If your small business has a gap between what you receive and what you have to pay at any given moment, you can opt for this type of loan. In fact, a short-term business loan is the best solution for bridging gaps in your cash flow situation.


Short Term Operational Costs

If you need to hire subcontractors to do extra work during the holiday season or you need to purchase a machine to cover a large job, there is no better option than a short-term business loan.

Short Term Business Loan | Loan One

Cash Flow Issues

When your business lacks money right now but has money coming your way very soon, you can bridge this gap with a short-term loan. It helps conduct your business as usual.


Emergency Repairs

Unexpected things can happen at any time when running a business. When you have an emergency repair that cannot be postponed in any way, why not opt for a short-term loan. In fact, a short-term loan gets you the required funds to cover the costs whenever an emergency arises. That is why you need to apply for a short-term business loan right now.


How To Apply For a Short-Term Business Loan?

Traditional lenders are more conservative in their business practices as well as terms and conditions. Hence, you should be very cautious as to whom you turn to when you require a short-term business loan. Most of the time, a traditional lender will offer a short-term loan as a line of credit with the option of paying interest only. In fact, you may have to pay the principal portion of the loan at a specific time in the future – such as 90 days or a year. That is where online lenders come in handy. There are many online lenders out there. Hence, you should be doing the research properly when choosing the best online short-time business loan lender on the market.


There are hundreds of online lenders on the market, but all of these lenders are not created in the same way. Your research will help you pick the best lending agency in town. You may search Google for the best online lending agency in your area. You will get a list of lenders functioning on the market. Make sure that you perform some research on each lender before deciding to work with the best online lender on the market. You are able to save a lot of time and money by doing the homework properly.


Short-term business loans are quite popular in this day and age. If you are a start-up, small business or require immediate cash to bridge the gap in your cash flow, a short-term business loan is the best solution for you. These loans are geared to meet immediate financing needs of a business. There are many things to look for in a reliable lending agency when applying for a short-term business loan.

Laser Cutting Benefits

laser cutting | Lightning Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be utilized to cut different materials like metal and flaunts many benefits. This technology is often used in industrial manufacturing projects, but in the recent years, users have been found in small firms, schools and even among hobbyists. Well, there are various types of cutting process in the industry as well as laser cutting processes. It can be hard to decipher the range of information presented and even settling on the best process for your application.


To make this easier, we have listed some of the benefits of laser cutting including the benefits between the various types of laser cutting.


The Need for Laser Cutting

The production/manufacturing industry has been innovating and growing at a rapid rate and as technology and innovation evolve, so does the people and the processes helping drive it.


Conventional cutting forms worked pretty well, but there was a need for a more reliable, safer and more efficient process that could stay in line with the increasing demand for manufacturing as well as production.


Laser cutting has been the ultimate solution to this as it’s able to work more precisely, faster and for longer. This is part of the reason products are able to do more. As a result, it has been adopted as a primary process in many industries.


laser cutting melbourne | Lightning Laser Cutting

So, What are The Benefits of Laser Cutting



From titanium to wood, stainless steel to aluminum, different materials call for different techniques for cutting. Laser cutters are beneficial in that they can handle an array of materials at different thickness. This allows you to take on numerous types of jobs, thus increasing your capabilities and improving your overall laser cutting Melbourne business. Regardless of what a type of sheet metal fabrication a client wants, you’ll have the ability to produce professional results with laser cutters.


Incredible Precision

The highly precise and accurate nature of laser cutters is one of the biggest benefits that this technology has unleashed. Utilizing these cutters allows for precise cuts that leave a smooth and clean finish. This has helped devices, products and components become much smaller and significantly reducing the amount of raw material wastage that has been experienced in the past.


It’s a Non-Contact Process

The laser beam used in the laser cutting process does not physically touch the component it’s working one. Instead, it uses heat to melt and cut the material. This means that material damage is significantly reduced and costly repairs for moving parts that come into contact with the work surface can be entirely avoided.


It’s a Safer Method

With the increased demand for production comes to the need for increased safety as well. Laser cutting is known to be a safer process compared to other means of cutting since the laser beam used it sealed in a tight box.


Laser Cutting Consumes Low Power

This is an essential advantage for laser cutting Melbourne businesses that are looking to smarter by increasing production while lowering costs. A laser cutting device typically uses about 10kW of power while other cutting devices consume around 50kW.


A Single Laser Can be Utilized for Several Applications

In addition to being suitable for an array of applications, you will also discover that a single laser has several uses as well. The heat output, duration as well as intensity can all be controlled. This allows for cutting in various ways and to work better with varying materials.


Also, a single laser cutter can be utilized for numerous similar processes such as laser marking, laser drilling as well as laser engraving.


Laser Cutting isn’t Just Ideal for Manufacturing Processes

Even though manufacturing and production is the primary use for laser cutters, it is not the only area where laser cutting can derive a significant impact. It is ideally used in the medical industry for cutting human tissue and also conducting procedures like eye surgery.

You will also find it being utilized in other applications like for artistic purposes.

We hope that this read has given you adequate reasons as to why laser cutting technology is one of the most beneficial in the world. If you run a fabrication business in Melbourne, it might be time to consider getting a laser cutting machine.

What to Wear Wine Tasting: 10 Tips From an Expert

Wine Tour " Top Gun Tours

From time to time I get emails from readers asking me for tips on how to dress while visiting the wine country. With so much to do around here, it really depends on your itinerary. For most visitors, wine tasting is at the top of their list of things to do.

Even if you’re not a wine lover, spending time at wineries can be a wonderful experience. These days, most wineries have more to offer than just great wine.  Splendid architecture, beautiful gardens, unforgettable food, tempting boutiques, and breath-taking views are all fantastic reasons for spending time at wineries during a visit to Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

I don’t consider myself an expert of many things but after living in the Sonoma Valley for 15 years, working in the tasting room of a well-known winery, and visiting more wineries than I could possibly count, I feel like a bit of an authority on the subject of what to wear when wine tasting.

I’d like to share a few tips for what I like to wear when visiting wineries here in Northern California. Not visiting Napa or Sonoma Valleys anytime soon? Most of these tips would be applicable to any of the many wine regions around the world.

With style, comfort and a good time in mind, here are my 10 tips for dressing for your best ever wine tasting experience:


1) Feel-good Footwear

While there are some wineries that offer seated tastings, most are conducted on your feet. Aside from lots of standing, expect a lot of walking. You may take a guided tour that leads you into a vineyard, across a gravel parking lot or navigating the perils of a soggy green lawn. Perhaps you want to picnic and play a game of bocce ball after your tour. Better to leave the spiked heels behind in favour of feel-good footwear. You can wear your sexy heels out to dinner instead. Hurting your feet, damaging your pretty shoes, and running the risk of falling is not my ideas of a fun wine tasting day. If you want some added height, wear a chunky, sturdy heel or embrace the latest sneaker chic trend and wear trainers.


2) Layer it Up

Here in the Bay Area, we have microclimates, which means there can be great temperature differences within a short geographical distance. It’s due to our close proximity to the ocean. It can be 40 degrees, foggy and damp at 9:00 am, then by 2:00 pm it’s sunny and 80. Once the sun sets, the temperature drops again. While we do have warm evenings occasionally, it is not the norm. I always bring some sort of wrap with me when I know I will be outside at night, even in the summertime. And I often wear a tee, tank or shell as a base under a sweater or jacket if I know the weather’s expected to warm up considerably.

What to Wear Wine Tasting

3) When in Doubt, Denim

Skirts, dresses, and shorts are all acceptable to wear wine tasting but if you’re not sure, always default to denim. The wine country is a casual place. You can pretty much wear denim anywhere and no one would bat an eye. Jeans are always in style, easy to coordinate, and simple to dress up. Skip the super tight jeans that pinch and bind and wear a comfortable yet modern and flattering pair instead.

What to Wear Wine Tasting

4) Keep the Load Light

Unless your wine tasting with small children or you have some other reason for needing to bring lots of things with you, don’t torture yourself by carrying a giant bag around all day. It’s the last thing you’ll want to fuss with while wandering through a vineyard or wine cave or standing at the tasting bar. It will just make your shoulder tired and you’ll get annoyed trying to figure out where to put it while you taste. Often they end up on the floor. I suggest a small clutch, cross body bag or even a chic and modern fanny pack (they’re in now, did you know?)

What to Wear Wine Tasting

5) Skip the Lipstick

A wine glass slathered around the rim with goopy lipstick is not something anyone wants to see, especially if you’re the culprit. And wine pourers don’t care for it because the lipstick often won’t come off in the dishwasher. I know this because I used to be one of the people who scrubbed lipstick residue off rims. I suggest taking a break from lipsticks and heavy glosses and going for either a tinted lip balm or a long-wearing smudge-proof lip stain like this one by Jane Iredale that won’t transfer.


6) Keep it Simple

Don’t wear a complicated outfit. Dealing with extra buttons, fussy straps, itchy fabrics, ties, laces and the like is not how you want to spend your day in the wine country. Wear clothes that you know are comfortable and low maintenance so you can focus on wine, wineries and fun!


7) Make it Dressy

Finding that sweet spot between comfort and style is not always easy. But it can be if you focus on accessories. Take that simple, unfussy outfit and amp up its dressiness with a stylish scarf, statement necklace, cool belt or a fabulous pair of earrings. Play around with accessories that aren’t a burden (like clanking bracelets, high-heels or a heavy, high-maintenance handbag).

What to Wear Wine Tasting

8) Skip the Sweet Smelling Stuff

A huge part of tasting wine properly involves your sense of smell. Perfumes interfere with your ability to fully appreciate and assess a wine. Wear no fragrances when visiting wineries. Even if you aren’t tasting wine, other people are and your scent can impact their tasting experience. At the winery where I worked, we were asked to not ever wear perfumes or overly scented personal products.


9) Go for Fuss-Free Hair

Fog, wind, and heat are a complicated hairstyle’s worst enemies. Wear your hair in its easiest style. A stylish pony-tail or a messy beach-y hairdo with big waves are both fashion-forward and low maintenance. Don’t have an easy hairstyle? Wear a hat! Choose a Panama in the warm weather months and a fedora when it’s cold out.


10) Wear White with Caution

Even if you’re not tasting red wines, other people are and it can end up on your clothes without you even being aware until it’s too late. While I do take chances and wear light coloured clothing sometimes, and there are products that can remove wine stains, I like to leave the light-coloured clothes that I am particularly attached to at home.

What to Wear Wine Tasting



In the end, what you may want to wear depends on the weather. Also, you can always contact and ask your local Swan Valley tours Perth experts for more advice.


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Best House Paint Colours to Make Your Home Feel Good

House Painting Melbourne | 1800 All Painting

House Paint Colours Melbourne Australia | 1800 All Painting

If you live in a leased apartment, white walls might be the best choice for your house colours. On the other hand, if you own your home or apartment, you can choose whatever colour you want.

There are a few homeowners who play safe and go with white walls. However, for most interior designers, white can be boring.

Well, if you have enough space and lots of style and creativity, you should try out some of these amazing colours to enjoy a more colourful, vibrant house:



This is a combination of white, grey and a little beige. It’s a perfect colour for those feeling monotonous with white walls.

On its own, grey might seem a little cold and the same applies to beige.

However, this Manchester Tan is the perfect blend of all these amazing colours.

If you are not feeling a little confident about it, paint it in the kitchen. If everything looks good after a few days, you can spread it out to the rest of the house.



If you want to try out a real colour in your house, this is the best choice. The appearance is quite pleasing and has a sophisticated enticement for any wall in the house.

This is the best soft blue hue for the smaller rooms such as the bedrooms or hallways. In larger spaces, this colour might not be compatible, but it shines completely in smaller spaces.



Grey is one of the timeless colours and is quite common in most homes. To some people, it might feel a little cold.

However, this range of grey looks amazing and brings out a cosy feeling. It is perfect as a backdrop for photographs or any art in the house.

Paint it out in the bigger spaces such as the living room, kitchen, or any home offices.



If you want to accompany the neutral feeling with a little colour, sage green is the way to go. The colour is soothing in any home and opens up space nicely.

It is perfect for the bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or home offices. If you are looking for an overall matching colour for the house, sage green might not pop out completely in larger spaces such as the living room.



It is the perfect colour for the bathrooms. It is flattering and draws out the beauty of any small space. It also has a soothing appeal.

When one is taking a shower, it radiates a feeling of a summer morning. The colour also brings out the appeal of all the bathroom fixtures.



This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to highlight the texture of any room in the house. It is perfect for both large and small spaces.

It can go well in the living room as well as kitchens, bedrooms, or hallways. To show up the best contrast, all the furniture should be in lighter colours.


What goes into choosing the best paint colour for a home?

If you are moving into a new house or simply want to update the look of your home, colour plays an important role in how it will look.

However, when rushing to paint your house, you might end up choosing the wrong colour. Here are a few pointers that might come in handy next time you are searching for the right colour to paint your house:


No matter how cautious you might be, your house can get infected by mould and mildew especially during the cold and rainy seasons.

Therefore, the first line of defence against such issues is the right paint for your house. Whether you are painting the interior and exterior, the paint you choose should be mould and mildew resistant.



Certainly, you do not want a house paint that will wear out in a few weeks. So, choose high-quality paint to avoid paint streaks that do not look appealing.

Overall durability and high quality are the most important matters to look out for when choosing the right paint for your home.



Lead-based paints have been completely phased out of the market because of the health complications they can cause when using them.

Today, manufacturers are manufacturing eco-friendly paints that don’t contribute to the environmental pollution. The next time you want to paint your house, opt for eco-friendly paint.

In summary, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right house paint. With these few pointers in mind, selecting the paint for your home won’t be difficult anymore.



You can always give your local House Painting Melbourne Experts for more information.

Source: Courtesy of 1800 All Painting Melbourne, Australia


Where Can You Read Comics Online?

Where Can You Read Comics Online

online reading

Whether you love reading classic comics, want to catch up on the latest comics or want to discover new ones, there are ways to read comics online. This is often a more affordable way than purchasing printed books and you can easily have access to a huge selection of titles.

Read Comics For Free

There are countless webcomics that are published for free on the blogs of the authors. There are also many websites where authors can upload their comics. This is a great way to discover new webcomics or to catch up on your favorite ones without spending any money. You will also find pages on social media that post webcomics on a daily basis. Reading webcomics online is perfect if you want something that is entertaining and do not want to spend more than a few minutes a day reading comics.

Buy A Subscription Via Your Favorite Publisher

The main comic book publishers have an online presence and offer subscriptions to their readers. You can for instance buy a monthly subscription on the official site of publishers like DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse or another major comic book publisher. Depending on the publisher you are interested in, you will get access to a back catalog of comics, be able to read all their monthly issues or only select the monthly issues you want to read. This is a great option if you read a lot of comic books and follow some series.

Download Scans

marvel comics

You can download scans through a number of websites. These comics are either published for free or are no longer under copyrights. You can also find scans of foreign comics that are not protected by any copyrights in other countries. This is a good way to discover new comics and to find content that you can read when you are not online. You can for instance download scans and upload them to your tablet or to your ebook reader to stay busy when you are commuting without using your phone’s data plan.

Buy eBooks

If you do not read enough comics to justify buying a subscription or want to read comics from a publisher that doesn’t offer a monthly subscription, your best option is to simply purchase individual comics or to buy entire series. You can purchase comics just like you would buy an eBook. The file formats offered vary from one online bookstore to another but most online bookstore give you the possibility to read these comics on your computer, phone, tablet , Kindle, Nook or another type of eBook reader.

There are many different ways to read comics online. The best way to find comics depends on the kind of comics you want to read and on how often you read this type of content. You should try different websites to see which one has the best selection in function of the genre of comics you want to read. If you have specific titles and series in mind, your best option is to visit the official site of the publisher since they might sell these comics online or at least have links to online bookstores where you can download these titles.

Reading comics online is a great way to relax after a day at work or to stay busy during your breaks without spending a lot on comics. You can find a lot of comics for free and you will find that the latest issues in your favorite series usually only cost a few dollars. Getting a monthly subscription to your favorite comic book publishers is definitely worth it since you will have access to all the comics you want to read for a low monthly fee and will usually have access to exclusive content as well.

You should also test different comic book reading software to find one you like if you want to read comics on your computer. Think about purchasing a tablet or an eBook reader so you can read comic books more comfortably when you are commuting or away from home. Talk to your friends to get an idea of how they get their comic books and which sites they use to catch up on their favorite series!

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How To Sell Your Collectible Comic Books Successfully

Comic book collecting is a fun and fulfilling hobby, but the circumstances under which you’ve started your collection may change with time. Perhaps your collection is becoming hard to store or your partner has asked you to downsize, therefore, it’s entirely up to you to find a good home for your comics. With that being said, the answer isn’t to simply give your comic books away as even the most seemingly insignificant pieces can sell for a reasonable amount of money. Selling your collection isn’t an endeavor that can happen overnight, but it is possible with the tips highlighted below for reference.

Know Where To Sell

comics selling

Since comic book collecting remains one of the most popular hobbies to date, there is a strong market for secondhand comics out there, but you do need to know where to sell them. The first choice for many collectors is to simply list them on auction sites such as eBay. Though you may end up getting a better price online, there’s a lot of room for error when you deal with people behind a computer screen and the uncertainty of the postal service.

Try selling your comics in person to a comic book shop. Shops are more than willing in most cases to consider purchasing used comics in good shape in order to draw in more collectors. Keep in mind, however, this option will never give you full price for your comics as shop owners are looking to turn a profit.

Comic book conventions are also worth your time if you have an extensive collection that you will need to unload. However, renting table at a convention is a costly affair that can cut into your bottom line if you’re not careful.

Price Of Comics Decreases

One of the biggest shocks that collectors receive is when they realize that their comic books aren’t increasing in value but actually decreasing. Much like cars, the moment you purchase a new comic and take it home, its overall value will start to decrease. There are some exceptions to this rule such as antique comics and comics that have first appearances, but it’s best to brace yourself against the blow!

Grade Your Comics Properly

Buyers are looking to buy graded comics as it allows them to assess the overall condition. Yellowed or creased pages can negatively impact the value of your comic books, therefore, if you’re a serious collector, you’ve hopefully stored your comics properly. Unless your comic book is rare or has a high value, you will not need it professionally graded. A simple grade of Fine, NM or fair should more than suffice for your needs.

Purchase Appropriate Storage

When you look to sell your collection, you need to ensure that you’re going to attract genuine collectors. Of course, collectors want to be sure that you’ve taken care of your comic books properly by sealing them in archival plastic bags and have used acid free backing boards. Using cheap tape and a sandwich bag is only telling people that the condition is questionable and you’ve probably not cared for your comics well.

Separate Comics Based On Value

It’s important to do your research and know what the resale value of your used comic books are. Before you start selling them, create two separate stacks; one consisting of your cheap dollar comics and another featuring your more expensive books. You may be initially surprised that some of your forgotten comics have accrued in value.

Try Bundling Hard To Sell Issues

If you have some comics that have little interest and are proving to be a hard sell, try bundling them with comics that are more attractive to buyers. Creating several lots of comics that are lesser in value will give you a chance to unload them faster and turn a nicer profit than if you were to sell them by the piece.

As you can see, selling your comic books in the secondhand market is very much possible, but you need to be willing to invest some time as it won’t happen overnight. Just bear in mind, even if you think something is worth a lot of money, you may be faced with some hard facts about the pitfalls of collecting.

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Comics Can Help You See The Lighter Side Of Parenting


Some days, parenting can be a real struggle. When your children are misbehaving or things aren’t going according to plan, raising kids can feel a bit like a hopeless cause. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by everything there is to do and like there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. If and when you find yourself feeling this way, try not to let it get to you. Every parent goes through these feelings at one point or another.

One way to deal with the struggle of parenting is by reading comics that are geared toward parents. Comics can help take everyday situations that you may encounter as a parent and find a way to turn them into something funny. Reading these types of comics can give you a different perspective on even the most difficult situations that you deal with in your everyday life. Sometimes, being able to laugh about the challenges that you face is the best way to overcome them. If you let them get you down, it can be difficult to keep from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great comics about parenting online. Taking a few minutes out of your day to read through some of these comics can help you laugh and get a fresh perspective. You may want to consider bookmarking some of your favorite comic sites so that you can visit them anytime you have a few minutes to spare. Pulling up a quick comic on your phone or on your computer can give you just the break that you need to rejuvenate your brain so that you can get back to dealing with everything that is on your plate again.

Part of the fun of reading comics is finding new ones to enjoy. A good place to start is with your favorite search engine. Simply type in a search for comics about parenting. You should get a lot of different results that come up. Click through some of the top sites to see what all is out there. If you find any sites that really appeal to you, add them to a special bookmark folder so that you can visit them again in the future. That way, you won’t have to search for them again when you are in a hurry and need a quick pick me up.

You can also talk to your other friends who are parents to see if they can recommend any comics to you. Chances are they may have run across a funny comic or two in their time as parents. By sharing your favorites with one another, you can help each other laugh and overcome any type of parenting challenge that you may encounter. Sometimes parents need to each other’s backs. After all, no matter how bad things seem, chances are everyone who is a mother or father has experienced whatever it is that you are going through at one point or another. Even if they haven’t experienced it yet, they probably will in the future.

There is something about being able to laugh about the common experiences that you share with other parents that can help lighten the load of raising a child. The right attitude can make a world of difference in how you feel during your everyday life. Even if you are frustrated or overwhelmed, being able to stop and chuckle at a comic that describes the exact situation you are in can shift your perception of the difficulties that you are facing so that they are easier to deal with. Sometimes, just knowing that other parents have gone through what you are going through is enough to make you feel better so that you can get on with your day.

Don’t forget to share any great comics that you find with other parents that you know. Whether you post them on your social media accounts or send them by email to parents who may be struggling with similar issues, you can help make their days a lot brighter as well. Being supportive and encouraging for other parents is something that everyone who has children needs to do. After all, every mother or father needs outside support at one point or another. Reading comics can help you see what is fun and lighthearted about parenting, giving you an attitude adjustment that can make a world of difference in how difficult things seem.

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The Benefits Of Going Digital With An Online Comic Books Subscription

Books, movies, and music are pretty much all digital these days, but comic books are harder to find in digital form. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that a diligent comic book reader won’t come across an online comic books subscription! More than ever before, comic book publishers are starting to recognize the benefits of going digital and providing comic book lovers the same reading experience with instant access. For comic readers, it’s important to find a platform that allows them to gain access to their favorite comics for a fraction of the traditional print price!

digital comics

If you’re not sure that going digital with comic books is worth your effort, you’re not alone. Many comic readers still prefer the traditional print comics that they grew up with, but if you’re open to a little change, here are a few reasons it’s beneficial to go digital with an online subscription:

Save A Lot Of Money

Owning something physical is certainly appealing, but if you have a tight budget to take into consideration, you really can’t spend several dollars on a single comic book. In fact, some older comics that are highly sought after by collectors can go for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. By choosing to go with a digital online subscription, you can save yourself a great deal of money and invest it into something else you enjoy. Most companies that offer digital comics will give you a great deal on your next purchase– guaranteed!

Take Your Collection With You Everywhere

The most common reason that comic book readers are opting to go digital is because they can take their entire collection with them wherever they go. You don’t have to worry about carrying dozens of comic books and ruining them in the process! If lugging heavy trade paperbacks and a Discman was painful, then going digital doesn’t have to be. You won’t compromise your ability to read the things you love, but you’ll be able to travel with your favorite comics as they’ll be available on your mobile device of your choosing.

Get Access To The Old And Obscure Copies

There are certain out-of-print comic books that only a select few will ever get a chance to touch. Many comics are highly sought after by collectors and the competition to get them is extremely fierce. Sure, many Spiderman comics have been reprinted again and again, but for the comics that haven’t been re-released, you can get them digitally. Not only are they more affordable, but they’re being made available to the public once again.

Better Reading Experience

The jury is still out on this one, but many comic book readers are starting to discover that going digital does lend itself to a better reading experience. You don’t have to worry about spilling something on the paper or inadvertently damaging your comic book as doing so can lessen its value. Many comic lovers are afraid to touch their collections for fear of incurring permanent damage. Digital copies make it much easier to read the comics you love without the dark cloud hanging over your head! In fact, you can always buy a collector’s print copy and read the digital version to preserve your collection.

Digital Takes Up Less Space

Not all comic book readers can dedicate an entire room to their collections and if you’re in this situation, going digital does offer the advantage of not taking up space. No more shelves to dust or shelves to buy as everything you need is online. In addition to taking up less space, a digital collection doesn’t need the same amount of care that a print collection would. You won’t have to invest in archival materials and storage boxes to stack on your shelves, therefore, you save space, time, and money!

If you’re already avidly using the Internet and own a mobile device, why not enjoy your comics online as well? As you can see, going digital offers a number of advantages that no comic lover could ever dispute. In fact, you can scale your comics to fit your screen, therefore, you don’t have to worry about squinting in order to see the smaller text within each copy.