Do You Know What a Comicstorian Is?

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If you pay any attention to certain geek circles, then you’ll probably encounter a lot of interesting terms. Probably, the term “geek circle” is something that most of us have just heard or learned. It’s because it has only been in the past ten years that “geeky” stuff has become popular in the mainstream, after all. There can be no

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How To Buy And Read Comics Online

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If you are just starting out your interest with comics, then maybe you are on the look-out for places that offer these materials. Or perhaps you have heard about a new comic series that you want to lay your hands on. If you are daunted where to get your copies of these comic series you are dying to read, then

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Tips for Better Understanding Comics

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These days, comic books are more popular than ever. For many years, they were seen as “kid stuff” or dismissed as nothing more than crude, violent stories about men in colourful tights. Today, however, comic books are becoming big business and sell millions of copies every month. If you go to a movie theatre these days, you’ll see how popular

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A Personal History Behind Classic Comics

When I was younger, I used to collect comic books, and what’s funny is that I didn’t read them. Even as a young kid, I looked at them as art and as a collector’s item rather than something to read. I kept several first edition comics, including the then popular mid-90s Mortal Kombat, a Firearm First Edition, Ghost Rider first

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