About Us

supernatural crime superheroesI’m your host, Christopher Mills, alias The Crimeboss. The characters and stories on this site – most of them, anyway – originated somewhere deep in my fevered imagination, the bastard offspring of a long, illicit love affair with four-color comic books, black and white B-Movies, cliffhanger serials, newspaper adventure strips, pulp fiction and old-time radio.

With the capable assistance of my cadre of talented collaborators (or accomplices, if you prefer) – Joe Staton, Ron Fortier, Delfin Barral and others – I’ve attempted to carve out a shadowy corner of cyberspace that echoes the popular entertainment of a simpler time: where pistol-packing lady detectives and skull-visaged vigilantes – not to mention private eyes, gentleman rogues, mad scientists, foreign spies, hardboiled reporters, trenchcoated cops, walking corpses and maybe a talking gorilla or two – can prowl the moonlit streets of a dark city known as Port Nocturne and play their deadly games of good and evil… just for fun.