Where Can You Read Comics Online?

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Whether you love reading classic comics, want to catch up on the latest comics or want to discover new ones, there are ways to read comics online. This is often a more affordable way than purchasing printed books and you can easily have access to a huge selection of titles.

Read Comics For Free

There are countless webcomics that are published for free on the blogs of the authors. There are also many websites where authors can upload their comics. This is a great way to discover new webcomics or to catch up on your favorite ones without spending any money. You will also find pages on social media that post webcomics on a daily basis. Reading webcomics online is perfect if you want something that is entertaining and do not want to spend more than a few minutes a day reading comics.

Buy A Subscription Via Your Favorite Publisher

The main comic book publishers have an online presence and offer subscriptions to their readers. You can for instance buy a monthly subscription on the official site of publishers like DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse or another major comic book publisher. Depending on the publisher you are interested in, you will get access to a back catalog of comics, be able to read all their monthly issues or only select the monthly issues you want to read. This is a great option if you read a lot of comic books and follow some series.

Download Scans

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You can download scans through a number of websites. These comics are either published for free or are no longer under copyrights. You can also find scans of foreign comics that are not protected by any copyrights in other countries. This is a good way to discover new comics and to find content that you can read when you are not online. You can for instance download scans and upload them to your tablet or to your ebook reader to stay busy when you are commuting without using your phone’s data plan.

Buy eBooks

If you do not read enough comics to justify buying a subscription or want to read comics from a publisher that doesn’t offer a monthly subscription, your best option is to simply purchase individual comics or to buy entire series. You can purchase comics just like you would buy an eBook. The file formats offered vary from one online bookstore to another but most online bookstore give you the possibility to read these comics on your computer, phone, tablet , Kindle, Nook or another type of eBook reader.

There are many different ways to read comics online. The best way to find comics depends on the kind of comics you want to read and on how often you read this type of content. You should try different websites to see which one has the best selection in function of the genre of comics you want to read. If you have specific titles and series in mind, your best option is to visit the official site of the publisher since they might sell these comics online or at least have links to online bookstores where you can download these titles.

Reading comics online is a great way to relax after a day at work or to stay busy during your breaks without spending a lot on comics. You can find a lot of comics for free and you will find that the latest issues in your favorite series usually only cost a few dollars. Getting a monthly subscription to your favorite comic book publishers is definitely worth it since you will have access to all the comics you want to read for a low monthly fee and will usually have access to exclusive content as well.

You should also test different comic book reading software to find one you like if you want to read comics on your computer. Think about purchasing a tablet or an eBook reader so you can read comic books more comfortably when you are commuting or away from home. Talk to your friends to get an idea of how they get their comic books and which sites they use to catch up on their favorite series!

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