Laser Cutting Benefits

Laser cutting can be utilized to cut different materials like metal and flaunts many benefits. This technology is often used in industrial manufacturing projects, but in the recent years, users have been found in small firms, schools and even among hobbyists. Well, there are various types of cutting process in the industry as well as laser cutting processes. It can be hard to decipher the range of information presented and even settling on the best process for your application.


To make this easier, we have listed some of the benefits of laser cutting including the benefits between the various types of laser cutting.


The Need for Laser Cutting

The production/manufacturing industry has been innovating and growing at a rapid rate and as technology and innovation evolve, so does the people and the processes helping drive it.


Conventional cutting forms worked pretty well, but there was a need for a more reliable, safer and more efficient process that could stay in line with the increasing demand for manufacturing as well as production.


Laser cutting has been the ultimate solution to this as it’s able to work more precisely, faster and for longer. This is part of the reason products are able to do more. As a result, it has been adopted as a primary process in many industries.


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So, What are The Benefits of Laser Cutting



From titanium to wood, stainless steel to aluminum, different materials call for different techniques for cutting. Laser cutters are beneficial in that they can handle an array of materials at different thickness. This allows you to take on numerous types of jobs, thus increasing your capabilities and improving your overall laser cutting Melbourne business. Regardless of what a type of sheet metal fabrication a client wants, you’ll have the ability to produce professional results with laser cutters.


Incredible Precision

The highly precise and accurate nature of laser cutters is one of the biggest benefits that this technology has unleashed. Utilizing these cutters allows for precise cuts that leave a smooth and clean finish. This has helped devices, products and components become much smaller and significantly reducing the amount of raw material wastage that has been experienced in the past.


It’s a Non-Contact Process

The laser beam used in the laser cutting process does not physically touch the component it’s working one. Instead, it uses heat to melt and cut the material. This means that material damage is significantly reduced and costly repairs for moving parts that come into contact with the work surface can be entirely avoided.


It’s a Safer Method

With the increased demand for production comes to the need for increased safety as well. Laser cutting is known to be a safer process compared to other means of cutting since the laser beam used it sealed in a tight box.


Laser Cutting Consumes Low Power

This is an essential advantage for laser cutting Melbourne businesses that are looking to smarter by increasing production while lowering costs. A laser cutting device typically uses about 10kW of power while other cutting devices consume around 50kW.


A Single Laser Can be Utilized for Several Applications

In addition to being suitable for an array of applications, you will also discover that a single laser has several uses as well. The heat output, duration as well as intensity can all be controlled. This allows for cutting in various ways and to work better with varying materials.


Also, a single laser cutter can be utilized for numerous similar processes such as laser marking, laser drilling as well as laser engraving.


Laser Cutting isn’t Just Ideal for Manufacturing Processes

Even though manufacturing and production is the primary use for laser cutters, it is not the only area where laser cutting can derive a significant impact. It is ideally used in the medical industry for cutting human tissue and also conducting procedures like eye surgery.

You will also find it being utilized in other applications like for artistic purposes.

We hope that this read has given you adequate reasons as to why laser cutting technology is one of the most beneficial in the world. If you run a fabrication business in Melbourne, it might be time to consider getting a laser cutting machine.