Make It Rain in the Best Strip Club of the Gold Coast

Welcome to the Manhattan Club, where erotica and luxury greet you at the door, the best place to make it rain!  A true Gentleman’s club, here, the sky is the limit. Step into a different era, an era you can only dream of – in your wildest dreams. Are you ready? 

Lingerie-clad, Topless, and Naked Waitresses

Let our topless waitresses take your breath away. They will guide you and cater to your every whim and every desire. We have a BYO or “Bring Your Own” policy when it comes to alcohol. Feel free to bring your favourite spirits and show everyone the big spender that you are. We will keep them chilled in our fridge behind the bar and have our gorgeous lingerie waitresses serve them to you. Nothing says “dirty pleasure” more than the combination of beautiful naked women and alcohol.

Choreographed Performances

Enjoy our stage performances and choreographed shows that will equal or even eclipse any Las Vegas and Parisian burlesque shows. Get teased, impressed, and aroused. Let our dancers bring out your innermost desires – your deepest darkest, sexiest desires. They can be naughty and nice, both sugar and spice!

Get ready to enjoy their famous wild, wild west number, bull-riding cowgirls, and more!  Our cheerleader babes will knock you out with their sexy mini skirts and pompoms and naughty Grand Prix pit stop girls, all ready and eager to seduce you.

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Pole Dancing and Strip Show

Are you ready to make it rain yet? Get your stacks ready for our pole goddesses. They are professionally trained on the pole, exceptionally flexible, and gracefully erotic. They will get your juices pumped when they start twirling and writhing, their bodies intertwined as one with the pole, seducing every ounce of your being. 

Hold your breath; we are not done yet. They will tempt you and tease you, stripping one item of clothing off after another until nothing is left. Gyrating to the sensual music, their eyes focused on you and no one else. You are the reason they are there. You are the object of their desire.  

Then before you know it, you are making it rain all over the Manhattan club. There’s no other way to feel like a big success when you are spending it big in the best strip club on the Gold Coast!  Why go anywhere else? 

Private Function/Private Show 

Are you Mr. Big Shot who does not want to share the floor with anyone else? You can request for a private show or book a private function. You can have the show all to yourself or exclusively for your group.  

You can choose the waitresses you fancy and have them wear the lingerie of your choice from our sex shop, or you can have them serve you topless or fully naked.  You can pick the dancer or dancers you want to perform for you and your group. Have as much alcohol and food you want. Hey, big spender!


When you can no longer take the heat, we have luxury rooms at our 5-star brothel adjacent to the club, with stunning ocean views and excellent service. You can take your party next door and finish with a bang! You can choose from any of our waitresses and dancers since they also double as escorts at our premium escort service at the brothel. 

Just ask any of them and they will happily let you know. You can bring one of them, or maybe two or three, you’re the boss! Spend the night with the most desirable women on the Gold Coast. Bring some toys from our sex shop to spice things up and make the night the best night ever. Who says you can’t live the playboy lifestyle in Australia?

Only the big-time players can make it rain. And when you do, make sure you do it in a place like no other. There is no other place to go but the best.  

The Manhattan Club in Le Penthouse Suite, one of the best Gold Coast brothels, offers you the best of the best – top of the line amenities, 5-star luxury, exceptional service, and the sexiest, most beautiful women in town. Known for being the biggest, most exclusive in the area, we are one of the few strip clubs in the area that can offer exclusive hires.

The Gold Coast is known to be a surfer’s paradise with its pristine beaches, theme parks, and great food, but it can also be your ultimate sexual fantasy land. Enjoy our discount offer of $30 off on all Le’Penthouse Suite, strip club and brothel patrons. This leaves you with more money to make it rain. 

Don’t limit your experience here. When you are done with business and the touristy route,  head over to the Manhattan Club where you can relax, destress, and make all your desires come true. Make it rain in the best strip club on the Gold Coast. Expect nothing but the best and leave with more than anything you have ever expected. 

We are located at 15 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, NSW. Our discreet entrance can be accessed through 1 Navigation Lane, Tweed Heads. Call us today on 07 5523 7747 for inquiries and further details.