A Few Guidelines For Selling Your Comic Book Collection

collection of comic books

Are you looking to sell comic books? It has never been easier as far as your options with all the online marketplaces. However, it’s never been harder as far as the market is concerned. Even the comic books that are worth considerable amounts of money are worth far less than they once were. That doesn’t mean that the market isn’t recovering, and it doesn’t mean that they won’t one day be worth more.

That also doesn’t mean you can’t sell your comic books for good money now. It really depends on what you have. A good general rule of thumb is to look at the cover price. If the comic book costs more than a quarter, then you likely don’t have a comic book worth much money. It’s just the simple truth.

Comic books, like baseball cards, were mass produced in the 80’s, 90’s and beyond to the point where they just aren’t worth near as much money as older comic books. Not only were comic books before this time produced in less number, but they also weren’t kept as nice as people keep them now. The way comic books were handled decades go and the limited number of copies available is what makes them worth significantly more money.

Of course, I said that the 25 per cent rule is the ‘simple truth.’ There are exceptions. One thing about today’s world is it’s quite easy to look up the value of a comic book. Moreover, you can easily find out the prices at which they are selling. Then you can start pricing your comic books for sale.

selling comics

With all the online resources out there, you might think your best bet is to go straight to posting your comic books for sale online. However, don’t discount selling them in person just yet, especially if you have certain comic books that you know are worth a ton of money. You can speak with a comic book store owner in person, and he or she can thumb through your collection and make you an offer.

Of course, you can itemize your comic book collection entirely and sell them individually. It’s just going to take more time. How many comic books do you have in your collection? Personally, I never amassed too many of them because I mostly just purchased special editions. The only thing is, mine were purchased during the 90’s, which means most of them are still worth the cover price only.

Once you have gotten over the fact that you may not get what you expect for your comics, you can realize you still might make a decent amount of money. It just depends on the number of comics you have and how many of them are a little extra special. You’ll want to know which issues are worth more money so that someone doesn’t get one over on you. Again, it’s easy to figure out how much they’re worth.

Comic books aren’t made out of steel. In other words, it’s easy for them to not be in mint condition. The better condition your comic books are in, the more money you’re going to get for them. I kept my comic books in sleeves, and they have remained in those sleeves for over two decades, with the exception of the times I’ve taken them out for a quick look.

If you’re going to sell your comic books online, you’re going to have to list them and take pictures. You’ll also have to make your best guess as to the condition of the comics, and you want to be fair. You don’t want to misrepresent the condition of any comic, but that doesn’t mean you have them all graded either. Just be honest, as grading is expensive and is usually only used for comic books that are worth a ton of money.

You can group comic books together and sell them in different ways. For example, if you had a bunch of Archie comics, you could sell those in one lot if you wanted to handle it that way. However you sell your comic books, you’re going to need patience if you’re going to get good money for them. Take your time unless you’re ready for someone to simply take them off your hands.

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Fun Comics App To Use

comics app

A good comic book app is one that you will want to use. It is going to modernize the beauty of comics and how you are reading them. Why use the traditional means when you don’t have to? Maybe, you are just not a fan of carrying around heaps of books with you?

If that is something you can relate to, you will want to look at a good app that is going to make it simpler to read what you want.

Why Read Comics on an App?

Here is more on a good comics app in this day and age.

Quality Collection

The collection you are going to have through the app is beautiful as well. It will be enough for you to enjoy and make the most of. You will never feel like the app is not doing enough for you and that is important. When you are trying to justify using the app, you will care about the type of comics you can read as well.

If you want quality with the comics, you will want to go with this quality collection as soon as possible. It is a powerful collection of your favorites.

Easy Flipping

Flipping through an app means you might have to face bouts of lagging, and those are never fun. Who wants to be put in a spot where lagging is taking place? You want to be able to read the comic book easily and know that you will be able to flip with ease.

If flipping is what you want, it is best to think about the app moving forward and invest in this as soon as you can.

When you are not able to flip through, you are not going to enjoy this one bit. You want to be able to seamlessly flip through the content as fast as you can.

Progress Is Saved

Most people are not going to read through the comic in one sitting because it might be too long or they just don’t have enough time. If that is true, you will know how important it is to save progress and come back to it when you are ready again. This app gives you that chance without having to go back and flip through all over again to find the right page.

It will know where you left off and is going to bring you back to that point in the comic book as desired.

readings comics on app

Fast Loading

How fast does it load when you are ready to turn on the app and read through your comic? It does not take hours to load. You will have the comic ready to go as soon as you log in. This will make it easy for you to get to the page you have saved and continue reading your comic the way you wanted to.

There are options where you are not able to read the comic as well as you should, but this app is going to change that right away.

You will be able to get back to your saved spot in seconds.

Easily Readable

With comics, you are not just viewing the illustrations, but reading the text as well. You should not be in a position where the comics are not as readable as you need them to be. You will want to go through the text and pour through it. If that is the experience you are looking for, you will need it to be as readable as possible in the long-run.

This app makes it easier to read the comic that you have downloaded to the app.

The app is something that will make your experience better. There was a time where you had to carry around the comic books, and it was not easy. You would often get bogged down by the weight, and it would be hard to take it out and read in an enjoyable manner. You were always being hassled by the experience.

Now, you can take out your mobile device and read through an app. You won’t lose the quality of what is being offered through the comic and all of it is done through the app itself, and that is nice.


List of Comics App You Can Use


Download on Google Playstore or Appstore.

1. Marvel Comics App

2. ComicRack

3. DC Comics

4. Comics+

5. Simple Comic (Mac only)

6. Comixology

7. ComicBookLover

8. Manga Rock

9. Marvel Unlimited

10. Perfect Viewer (Android only)


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Manga Vs Anime – Understanding The Difference

manga collection

There are many different types of comic books in the world. Some of them feature superheroes, whereas others will take a person on an adventure using different creatures, people, or other worldly settings. One of the most popular types of comics are called Anime and Manga, both of which originate from Japan. There is a definite distinction between these two types of comics, one that can be easily defined. Let’s take a look at how these differ, and also how they are similar, beginning with how they tell a story.


Why The Debate?

girl in anime

Before explaining why there is a debate, it begs the question of why does a debate exist in the first place? Why is it so important for some people to be very definitive about Japanese Anime and Manga in comparison to all other forms of cartoons and comic books that are made worldwide. This level of fanaticism has created a unique brand for any animated cartoon series that originates from Japan, as well as the comic books that are produced. They do have a very distinctive appearance and flow, one that is unique to the rest of the world, but this is certainly not the perspective of those that create cartoons hand comic books in Japan. This level of fanaticism is why the debate exists, and there are actual distinctions between Anime and Manga that are more obvious than you would think.

Different Ways That Stories Are Presented

Japanese anime

The first distinction between the two is that Anime tells a story in the form of a video or cartoon, a word that literally derives itself from animation. You have probably seen many of these cartoons online, or even on your television, such as the popular Avatar series. This is a huge undertaking for any company that does this because you are actually creating a video cartoon series. There are an enormous amounts of people that are responsible for every aspect of the film, and it can be a multi million dollar project. In contrast, Manga are definitively Japanese comics, and are primarily in black and white. There are some that are in color which is how there is a crossover between Manga and Anime, but that really is the only connection. Therefore, the way that they tell stories differs only in the medium by which they are conveyed.

Anime is in an animated cartoon format, and Manga is just like a comic book, one that is read from right to left.

Does One Originate From The Other?

Japanese manga

Before this question can be answered, it should be stated that the perceptions of Anime and Manga are often very different depending upon the country that this question is asked in. For example, if you were to talk to Japanese people in Japan about what qualifies as an Anime cartoon, they would literally include any type of cartoon that is made. The same is true for Manga comic books. People in Japan would consider any comic book to be Manga. However, outside of Japan, especially in the United States, there are definite distinctions and lines drawn in terms of what qualifies for either Anime or Manga. For example, Anime to a Western person would be cartoons that are made in Japan, and not any other place in the world. Manga to a Westerner is also considered official only if it originates from Japanese comic book creators. Getting back to the original question, does one originate from the other, the answer is actually very simple. Manga represents the still form of any comic that is made, some of which are made into Anime cartoons. On the other hand, Anime cartoons are not typically the inspiration for Manga comic books that are created. From a Western perspective, if you think about the history of comic books and the origins of superheroes such as Superman or Spiderman, these comics were subsequently made into cartoons and then movies. The same is true in Japan.

Although these terms are often interchanged, they do referred to completely distinct ideas. It would be the same as referring to cartoons and comics when talking about Anime and Manga, respectively. The main difference that you will find in the opinions of many people that are fanatical about Japanese comics and cartoons is that those in Japan use these terms to describe the cartoons and comic books that they create. In the rest of the world, they are definitively of Japanese origin, with no other cartoon or comic book associated, making them very distinct if not elite.

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How Lead Actors Can Influence Marvel Movies


If you are a fan of movies that are based upon Marvel comic books, you are certainly not alone. The popularity of these movies featuring some of the most beloved superheroes of all time have been doing very well at the box office. They are so popular, a Marvel-based movie is actually considered to be a failure if it is not able to break the 1 billion dollar mark with combined domestic and international sales. This is a very high bar that has been set, one that is there because of how influential certain lead actors can be in making these movies a raving success. Let’s look at a few of the best Marvel movies that have been created, as well as a few of the worst, to show you why can influence the success or failure of one of these superhero-based movies.


Top Marvel Movies

Although many people will have their opinion as to which movie is actually the best, the sales that a movie makes typically represent its overall popularity. Some of them are popular due to the existing popularity of a particular superhero like Spiderman or Superman, whereas others are actually made very popular because of the lead actor in the movie. Some of the more popular ones that have come out in recent years include the Incredible Hulk, Thor, The Avengers, and of course the blockbuster Iron Man trilogy. Some of these superheroes were highly regarded prior to the movies, but as you will see, the success of some of them is almost solely based upon the lead actors popularity.

Popular Marvel Movies That Owe Their Success To The Lead Actor

Robert_Downey_Jr. Expo 2011

Robert Downey Jr, in Expo 2011 by Mingle MediaTV [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A movie that has become iconic, one that is representing a superhero that was not very popular until the movie, was the movie Iron Man. Very few people that were outside of comic book fanatics actually understood the background of the superhero, what his powers were, or what the personality of the comic book hero actually was. It was not until the actor Robert Downey Jr. took on the role of Tony Stark who creates the Iron Man suit that the world was introduced to one of the most iconic superheroes in history. It is because of the personality and acting skills of Robert Downey Jr. that this movie became a worldwide sensation that it is. In fact, it was also his presence in the movie The Avengers which made it into one of the top grossing movies of all time. To prove this point even more, the Captain America movies that have been created starring Chris Evans have been popular, but the latest one, Captain America: Civil War which also features Iron Man may actually eclipse the first two movies as a result of Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Iron Man once again. Although both of the prior movies have made an average of $200 million at the box office, three of Downey’s movies have grossed over a billion dollars in sales worldwide, prompting many to believe that this third Captain America installment will be the most successful.

See also: Box Office History for Iron Man Movies

Other Popular Lead Actors In Marvel Movies

hulk marvel

Hulk of Marvel Movies

Although Robert Downey Jr. is a favorite with many Marvel movie fanatics, there are also notable actors that also have their own following. Chris Evans who plays the role of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America has done well with both the Captain America series of movies, and also in his role on Marvel’s Avengers. The lead female actor, Scarlet Johansson has also done very well for herself in movies, but has cemented her role as Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. the Black Widow. Other notables that have had good success in movies, but primarily in the Marvel movies include Mark Ruffalo who plays the Incredible Hulk, Chris Hemsworth who Thor, and probably the most prolific actor of all time, Samuel L Jackson, as the enigmatic Nick Fury.

In conclusion, all of the Marvel movies to have excellent special-effects, storylines, and incredible actors that make these movies as fantastic as they are.

Millions of people are fans of the multitude of actors that portray the different superheroes that are in these movies, but it is the lead actor that tends to make these superheroes movies a success. Although the Spiderman movies have also done well, grossing billions of dollars due to the lead actor Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr. stands apart from all other actors as the most successful and influential of all lead role superheroes playing Iron Man, a character that has literally changed the way that we all look at superhero movies today. Although there may be an actor in the future that may be as popular as Iron Man in the near future, these examples clearly show how important it is to have an exceptional actor at the helm of Marvel movies portraying the superheroes that we all know and love.

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Are Comic Books Considered Literature?


Are comic books considered literature? A generation or so ago, the answer to this would have often been a resounding and almost unanimous no, by many who might be asked. However, things have changed. No longer are comic books considered just the realm of nerds or cult fans. Comic books have not only become socially acceptable but actually quite desirable.

A lot of this has to do with their success at the movies. While the late 1970s and early 1980s saw several Superman films come to the big screen with success, the real turning point may have been Tim Burton’s Batman movie of the late 1980s, which became a number one movie for that year and was still playing in some theaters after twelve months and the movie was on television by then.

The following decade saw Hollywood paying more attention to superhero movies, often inspired by comic books, and as the turn of the century passed, multi-installment franchises were born. The Fantastic Four and the X-Men each saw more than one film, with The Fantastic Four recently rebooted and X-Men films continuing to come out.

The real dominance has been with Marvel films surrounding the Avengers and its related characters. Now, DC is trying to get into the game with Superman movies leading into Justice League movies. So, comic books have definitely translated well into the movie medium, as have many books.

Diffent kinds of Comic books


However, if literature and comic books share space on movie screens, are they equals in the eyes of academics? There was a time that many academics viewed comic books as a disposable or even “throw away” form of art or entertainment. However, a growing number of college professors are taking a different tack and are treating comic books with far more respect than they have traditionally been given.

In fact, a country like the United Kingdom has around a hundred and fifty actual comic book scholars, who study and review comic books and graphic novels for a number of factors. These include the explorations of subjects like feminism, history, and gender. There is also analysis of the portrayals of the social, mental, and physical health of superheroes, their villains, and other characters involved in the story.

It’s not shocking that Britain would be a place that has a small community of comic book scholars, as it was a trio of British writers that possibly helped the genre “mature.” This was in the 1980s and was a result of work from writers such as Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, and Bryan Talbot.

Dialog vs Prose

Even aside from impact on the movie genre and the academic regard comic books and traditional literature are both regarded through, an honest look just compares regular books to comic books. Here, it is easy to see that both mediums have far more similarities than differences.

joker of batman comicsBoth are read in the hands, flipping through pages to read through the story. Both have antagonists and protagonists, plot, themes, world-building, conflict, and tension. The only real difference is that comic books have far more imagery and pictures, relying more on dialog than prose.

It’s hard to convince young adults and children these days that there’s any real difference between comic books and traditional literature. In fact, the lines blur a lot in regards to children’s books, which are considered literature, but heavily involve pictures and imagery like comic books do. In truth, the answer to the question of whether or not comic books are considered literature is much like how beauty rests in the eye of the beholder. Given the growing prevalence of graphic novels blurring the lines between comics and literature, it’s possibly more accurate to view all as just sections of a bigger artistic spectrum.

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Read Free Comic Books Online To Pass Time

online reading

Comic books are a lot of fun and you will always want to have one with you to pass the time. They are so great because you are able to just go through them in no time. You don’t have to think about the narrative or the plot for too long. You get immersed in the actual imagery and environment within the comic and how it is being displayed. You will just have a lot of fun with it.

For those who are enthusiasts, you have to look at reading good quality options first.

Immediate Inventory

You are looking at being able to go online and get access to an inventory of comic books. These are not just any comic books that have been made by amateurs, but some of the best as well.

These are the books that you have always wanted to read but never had the money to get. These are the comic books that you wanted to get but could not find. These are just those kind of comic books.

They are just straight out of a dream and that is always good for a person when they are looking.

comic books online


Paying for comics is not nice and you probably won’t have the funding to do it. You might be able to pick up one or two from the local comic book store, but after that point, you will be bummed out because the money is not there. Do you just leave it right there and say you can’t get anymore? No, you have to look for the online versions that are going to be free.

This is a site that will give you those comics for free and they will be in great condition as well. You should be able to read them in seconds.


You are getting the comic books for free and that is great, but what about the variety? You obviously will not want a comic book that has been read before and is not even that good in terms of its past. You want something that is revered and is one of the better ones that has been made in the past. If that is what you want, it is definitely a good option to go with here.

If you want to read free comic books online, you will want variety and that is definitely available for you.

For anyone that wants to read free comic books online, you have to think about all of these things. You want to get the complete option that you can only get with this site. Where else will you be able to locate comic books that might be sold for much more on the market? You will be able to get all of them here for free. It is such a nice way to sit back and read through some of your favorites in seconds. You could spend months on the site and not finish through all of the comics.

A Short History of Comic Book Heroes

popeye the sailor man

Comic book heroes have long been a mainstay in the epic comic book mainstream that fans have followed with great loyalty over the years.

One of the first of a long line of heroes was Popeye the Sailor man. He appeared in 1929 and became a favorite right away for his folksy ways and his liking for spinach, in order to fight his nemises, Bluto.

The golden age of comics spawned quite a few heroes such as Superman, Flash Gordon, The Shadow, The Phantom, The Clock, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Human Torch, The Shield, The Lone Ranger, Captain America, The Green Lantern, The Spectre, Captain Marvel, The Flash and others.

The advent of heroes came about because of the need for American society to feel safe from the terrors that were occurring abroad prior to World War II, and during the war, as well as the rise of organized crime in the United States.

The comic book heroes served the purpose of surrogate “caretakers” for the society at large, and people could identify with them as being that entity.

Adventure Comics

Superman was the most popular hero, as of course he was bigger than life, and had amazing powers. He had a secret identity, which added to the intrigue, and nearly all the heroes followed suit.

Superman could fly, he had X-Ray vision, he had immense strength and bullets did not phase him, hence his name as the “Man of Steel.” There was, however, one thing that would make him as weak as a baby, and that was Kryptonyte, which was a material from his home planet, Krypton, and was discovered by his arch-rival, Lex Luthor.

Superman was the first hero to have his own comic book published just for him, but others soon followed, such as Batman, Captain Marvel, Captain America and others.

The saga of the hero in comics is one of great interest, as it seemed to have filled a great need in the eyes of society in general. In the time of the Great Depression, it seemed like everything was falling apart, and to have heroes who fought the battles of the poor and downtrodden fit the bill exactly to the point of what was perceived to be needed.

The signs of the times dictates what people want to read and spend their time with, as the comics and their heroes proved from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

Do You Know What a Comicstorian Is?

If you pay any attention to certain geek circles, then you’ll probably encounter a lot of interesting terms. Probably, the term “geek circle” is something that most of us have just heard or learned. It’s because it has only been in the past ten years that “geeky” stuff has become popular in the mainstream, after all.

There can be no doubt that the success of big budget movies such as The Avengers, not to mention the amount of money that goes into video games and computers, has brought the enjoyment of geeky stuff into the popular eye (or at least into the mainstream eye.) The real truth is that comic books and video games have always been considered cool and fun; it’s just that not as many people paid attention to them before compared to today.

Retro Comic Speech Bubbles

Since more people are paying attention to the idea of comic books, the idea of a comicstorian has surfaced. Simply put, a comicstorian is someone who studies the history of comic books. They’re often the type of people who approach the entire concept of comic books with an academic eye.

Comicstorians and the Academic Study

While there’s no official academic study that covers comic books specifically, that doesn’t mean there’s no academic study that can be applied to them. The entire concept of literary history can be applied to comic books. After all, comic books also have stories to tell, don’t they? They may be mostly fantasy stories that follow a narrative of their own, but they’re stories nevertheless.

So it is the job of a comicstorian to apply the concept of literary history to comic books. Some people who claim to be comicstorians even specialise in an area. For example, some become masters of a particular brand of comics, or a particular series, or even a particular character. These people are certainly experts in their chosen field – capable of telling you just about any sort of information about the thing they know. Just like any academic professor, they can provide you even with the tiniest details of their chosen subject.

The Benefits of Being a Comicstorian

To be fair, very few people can manage to make a living from being a comicstorian. There are some people who make interesting Youtube videos, earn regularly out of that. Yet by and large, having a wide breadth of comic book knowledge isn’t a thing that could normally make you financially fulfilled.

However, that doesn’t mean there are no benefits to it. Like all pop culture elements, comic books have an important place in media history. They’ve grown and changed over the years, evolving to fit the culture in which they were published. You can discover a great number of things by knowing how the media and pop culture were tailored to that era. The comics code authority, for example, is a now-defunct group that, at one time, held almost total power over what did and did not get published. Knowledge of how that came to exist and how that came to end, is something that could tell us a lot about our culture over time.

That, then, is the purpose of a comicstorian. Like any true student of pop culture, they don’t just have a great deal of trivia knowledge, they’re also capable of looking at that knowledge, and applying it to how culture has grown and evolved over the years. That’s incredibly interesting.

Different Devices You Can Use as a Comics Reader

man using a tablet

Are you into comics? It is extremely likely that you are either tired of purchasing hard copies or you simply want the convenience of being able to purchase them digitally. Whatever the reason, you need to figure out a way to read your comics once you have purchased them digitally.

Devices You Can Use As a Comics Reader


An iPad is an excellent device that you can use to read comics. In fact, there are a lot of different applications that you can download to be able to get and save copies of comics. An iPad is one of the best devices for comic book reading because they typically have the best screens on the market. This means that they have the highest resolution and it is going to make the illustrations truly pop on your screen.

If you are an avid supporter of Apple products then the iPad is for you because you’ll be needing iTunes with it. Prior to purchasing an iPad for the purpose of reading comics, you want to make sure that you are comfortable using iTunes.

android tablet

Android Tablet

An Android tablet is another excellent device that you can purchase in order to view your comics. The good thing about Android tablets is that you have a huge selection to choose from. Unlike the iPad, there are different kinds of shapes and sizes of tablets available in the market. Therefore, you can opt for something that is as thin, wide, small, or as large as you want it to be.

Another good thing about Android tablets is that it has a ton of different applications available for a comic fan like you. This is good news for anyone that already has an Android mobile device because it can pair up with it smoothly.

iPhone Plus

The original iPhone is relatively small to properly view comics on the screen, the plus’, on the other hand, is certainly large enough. If you are planning on reading a lot of comics, you might want to consider getting the iPhone Plus because it is an excellent device that has a big screen real estate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

If you are looking for the biggest and best phone out there, then, by all means, purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 . Not only is it a very large phone with a ton of screen real estate, but it also comes with a stylus, which allows you to accurately draw comics yourself, take notes, or do virtually anything you can think of. We can guarantee that this is one of the best phones for viewing comics on the market.


How To Buy And Read Comics Online

online shopping

Zombie with tablet

If you are just starting out your interest with comics, then maybe you are on the look-out for places that offer these materials. Or perhaps you have heard about a new comic series that you want to lay your hands on. If you are daunted where to get your copies of these comic series you are dying to read, then try to check out online. The first thing to do is get an account with an online retailer for digital comics.

You also need to know the different online retailers for digital comics. Most publishers of comics also have their own outlets for digital comics. Some of the most popular outlets include:

  • DarkHorse.com;
  • Image Comics;
  • Marvel.com;
  • com

Most publishers of digital comics also offer their comics on Comixology.com with the most notable exception being Dark Horse comics. If the digital comics you wish to buy are not found on Comixology.com, then it is a good idea to visit the publisher’s outlet. This way, you’ll see if they have their own personal outlet.

Are there any possible alternatives?

Well, there is one but it is rather specific. If what you are looking for is back issues as opposed to the current ones or if you wish to read Marvel back issues, then you need to consider visiting Marvel unlimited. Marvel unlimited is a service that gives you access to over 15,000 Marvel comics. This is more convenient compared to buying collections or issues individually. Marvel unlimited growing library is however 6 months behind the most current issues.

How to read the digital comics online?

Once you have paid for your subscription online, you are obviously going to be excited to read your comics. Upon your subscription, you will have access to an app-based or browser based reading experience. The main advantage in using browsers is that if you have Internet access you have instant access to the entire library. On the contrary, if you are using apps, you will first have to download the comics to your device’s library before reading.

However, there are some exceptions to this. For instance, several publishers offer DRM free backups of your Comixology library in the form of .cbz and .pdf. DRM is a copyright standard protecting digital content and technology. The major exceptions to Comixology’s backup service are the biggest names in the comic industry namely, Marvel and DC. However, for all the rest you can download them all and read them offline in your computer.

General information and tips

For most digital comics, the day they become available in stores is the very same day they are released. Comixology.com is one of a kind since it allows you to register for a subscription for individual titles. It will automatically make every new subscription available to you and then bill you accordingly. The following are some helpful tips:

Look out for sales. Most digital retailers including Comixology.com regularly offer sales. Keep your eyes peeled and you will be able to get loads of back issues very cheaply.

Even though not necessary, but having a nice tablet can be especially good. For most digital comics, the browser experience is kind of awkward.

Several publishers do offer the first issue of a series at a discounted rate or even free. They sometimes also drop the price of a comic if it has been out for a while. Going digital is also a great way to try before you buy.

Comixology.com offers digital issues and digital bundles. This means that you can read an arc without having to pull up a new issue. This is the digital equivalent of a trade paperback collection.

Mentioned above are just some of the advices that you need to get started in the world of digital comics. If you take heed of these advices, you’ll be armed with all the necessary information you need in order to read and explore various comic series. All you need to do now is go online and sign up to their site.