Tips for Better Understanding Comics

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These days, comic books are more popular than ever. For many years, they were seen as “kid stuff” or dismissed as nothing more than crude, violent stories about men in colourful tights. Today, however, comic books are becoming big business and sell millions of copies every month.

If you go to a movie theatre these days, you’ll see how popular comic books are. Every summer, there are big-budget Hollywood movies that come out. Some of these movies are based on comics from Marvel or DC. The most popular movies of all time are based on these characters, such as the different “Batman” movies and the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” films.

Both Marvel and DC are planning to produce dozens more movies over the next decade. They will use various characters that include:

  • Spider-Man;
  • Superman;
  • Green Lantern;
  • The X-Men among others

To really get the most from these films, it can help to have a grasp of the source material. However, for many people, understanding comics can be difficult. Part of the difficulty comes from the fact that comic books are really a distinct form of art. Instead of just being stories with pictures, they are a unique art form that has its own rules and structures. You have to know about these if you really want to be able to get the most from reading a comic book.

One of the best ways to learn more is simply to read as many comic books as you can. However, it is a good idea to not just read new titles. Instead, take some time to dip into the rich history of the genre and read classic titles from the 1950s, 1960s and so on. You can even go back farther and read titles from the early days of the ’30s and ’40s.

This does not mean that you have to dip into your savings and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on valuable old comics. An original copy of some of these titles can set you back quite a bit. But fortunately, all of them are available in affordable reprints virtually. There are many volumes that collect runs of issues from different titles that you can buy for $10 to $20.

You can also read comics online these days. There are services offered by major publishers, such as Marvel and DC. They give you access to tens of thousands of back issues of many of their most popular titles. You can read these on your computer or you can access them on a tablet. This makes it easy to catch up on your favourite characters.

In addition, these services often let you read new issues as well. However, you may have to wait a month or two for each new issue to be available. A title will usually go on sale in print before it is made available online to encourage people to buy new copies.

As you can see, understanding comics makes reading them a lot more fun. So, keep this information in mind as you venture into the world of comic books.

What You Need To Know About Selling Rare Comics

Are you a comic book collector? Are you looking to learn how to sell your comic book collection? The million dollar question is how to sell these comic books and earn some money, especially if you have a collection of rare comics. Before you start advertising on the internet or anywhere else, there are a few preparatory steps to take first.

Grading and valuing

You should start by assessing the condition of the comic books and grade it accordingly. Depending on their present condition, comic books can range from mint to poor condition. Therefore, if you’re looking to sell rare comic books, it’s imperative that they are of mint condition in order to receive more money from the sale. The next step is valuing the comics which may take into consideration many factors such as the rarity, the age or how appealing the comic book is. To get the right figures, you can always rely on the services of a comic book connoisseur.

Process of selling

When selling your comic books, you can decide to sell one at a time which yields more profits. Often there are a few rare ones in your collection that will tip the overall value over. Secondly, you can also decide to sell the whole collection in one go but this option will yield lower profits. Most people sell their collection at once, especially if they are looking for a quick way to earn money.

Finally, there are those who might decide selling the comics in small chunks. In such an event, you might decide to divide up the issues into different categories to attract more customers. Eventually, there are people who settle for all three methods of selling comic books especially if choosing one method doesn’t work out as expected.

Where to Sell Comic Books

There are many places you can sell your comic books. First, you should start by checking any local comic book stores near to you. Definitely, the owners want to make profit for every sale so there is a chance they might not offer you the right price. This option is best for people looking to make money quickly. Secondly, there are auction house specifically dedicated to auctioning comic books.

However, such auction houses can be used if you’re assured that your comic books are rare and can fetch a large sum of money. Therefore, before placing any of your comic books for sale at an auction house, you should consider grading and valuing them properly to make sure they are worth something.  Lastly, you can consider auction sites on the internet such as eBay. Here, you will definitely receive many buyers willing to get the comic book at a good price. Try out these tips and sell your rare comics at the best price possible.

A Personal History Behind Classic Comics

When I was younger, I used to collect comic books, and what’s funny is that I didn’t read them. Even as a young kid, I looked at them as art and as a collector’s item rather than something to read. I kept several first edition comics, including the then popular mid-90s Mortal Kombat, a Firearm First Edition, Ghost Rider first edition and many others.

Classic comic books, however, go far beyond my days. Still, when I was younger and up until a few years ago, comic books were valued at much more money than they are now. The classics are still valuable and highly collectable, but the market has just taken a hit. That has been the case for many marketed collectibles, and when it comes to the classics, the value always seems to go back up at some point.

The test of time

 I watched a television episode the other day where a man was showing a comic book to get it appraised. It was a classic comic book that first introduced Spiderman. Many people think that the first Amazing Spiderman comic book is the big score. While this is a coveted comic book, there is one that is a precursor to that.

My sister was really big into X-Men when we were both younger. There are also many X-Men comics well before our time that are quite popular with the collectors. Much of the classic comics have spread out into different series, too, and so there are many more to collect.

This also means that the classics have withstood the test of time in more ways than one. They are valuable collector’s items, and the characters and the series are still strong today.

Superman has always been a favourite of comic book collectors, and the first edition is commonly referred to as one of the most valuable comic books, just like the Spiderman comic book. It’s not just about superheroes when it comes to comic books though.

Archie comic book

 When I first started collecting comic books, it was all about Archie. I have to confess that I actually did read some of those comic books. But, I also ended up collecting several of them without reading them. I would especially like buying special editions of any comic book that I could find.

While I was buying Archie as a kid, there were also many classic Archie comic books from decades ago. Many of the older comic books are going to be collectors’ items simply due to their age. Of course, value still has much more to do with other factors than just age.

Do you have classic comics and want to know the value? I have recently been looking up the value of some of mine online, as I do every once in a while. The market is slightly weak in this area, but it’s still fun collecting them and holding onto  many of them for all of these years.

Top Tips on Selling Comic Books

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Are you planning to sell your huge comic book collection but don’t know how? How about running a comic book store? Take a look at these three most important tips on selling comic books.

Have Patience

This is a tip that has to be implemented right off the bat. It is very essential to become as patient as possible as results are not going to come overnight. Anyone that does this business thinks this is delusional and setting themselves up for failure. Selling comic books is not going to be an easy process. Most people do realise this as soon as they begin. Yet, those who are patient enough with the right tactics and strategies will hit the jackpot. This is due to the potential market as a whole.


Target the Social Media

This is one of the cheapest yet successful methods for those who are looking to make sales. Social media platforms have massive communities that are connecting to one another. Utilising these various platforms is a great tactic for those who are selling comic books. It is easier to get the right target market by advertising and setting up accounts on these platforms. This is because of the range that is on offer. Use these platforms to advertise your comic books. Let people know that you are selling stuff they will admire in the short and long run. Make sure that this has to be something that they will love to purchase.

Consider Giving Discounts

Putting up a discount is something that attracts many consumers. Sales and promos are what will bring people through your store’s doorstep. Just make sure that your sale price is reasonable enough to make your customers purchase an item. Sales do not have to be something where you are losing money. That is not always the case. Giving discounts is always a great way to keep your customers patronising your products. As you observe this business strategy, you will begin to realise that your sales go up. This is because the sales will increase due to those customers who kept on coming back for your products. You will become their ‘go to’ comic book seller and that’s what makes this a fantastic step to take.

In jumpstarting your comic books selling business, you have to ensure that the tips above are being implemented. Following these techniques will surely change the way your business run and make sales in the long run. Do not be afraid to make these changes in your business. They are definitely going to push you forward and get those sales churning.

Comic books are still loved by millions of people today. They will surely sell as long as the seller is presenting them in an appealing manner and at a very reasonable cost.

The Greatest Newspaper Comic Strips of All Time

charlie brown and snoopy

For more than a century, comic strips have amused, entertained and even educated myriads of newspaper readers. Turning to the funny pages is a tradition in many households. Even though fewer and fewer people are subscribing to newspapers nowadays, the audience for comics is still large. Many of these avid fans today just read the latest strips online. They are taking advantage of what technology has to offer.

comic strip

Many of the most popular comic strips are available online. You can read them the same day that they appear in the paper. This means that you do not have to limit yourself to the selection that appears in print. Instead, you can easily read hundreds of different strips each day.

Peanuts by Charles Schulz

One of the most famous comic strips of all time is “Peanuts”. This was written and drawn by Charles M. Schulz. This strip chronicled the many adventures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and all of their friends. Charlie Brown, the epitome of the lovable loser, never gives up even if the world seems to be conspiring against him.

“Peanuts” was not just a comic strip, of course. It also inspired many popular animated TV specials, including the classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Every year during the holiday season, millions of people turn on their television sets to enjoy the airing of this animated classic.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Another great comic strip that was loved by a wide audience was “Calvin and Hobbes”. This was written by Bill Watterson. This strip chronicled the many adventures of six-year-old Calvin and his stuffed tiger named Hobbes. To everyone else, including his parents, Hobbes was just an ordinary stuffed toy animal. But to Calvin, Hobbes was a best friend and boon companion.

One of the reasons why “Calvin and Hobbes” is so fondly remembered today is that Watterson ended the strip at the height of his fame. The strip only appeared for about 10 years but its quality remained high throughout its run. Unlike some comic strips that have been going on and on for decades, “Calvin and Hobbes” ended on a high popularity.

There are a hundreds of other great comic strips that have appeared in newspapers over the years. ”Peanuts” and “Calvin and Hobbes” are just two of the greatest comic strips ever written in newspaper. There are also many other important comics that have attracted large readers and some are still in print.

If you are a fanatic of comics, you do not have to subscribe to any newspaper anymore. Nowadays, with the breakthrough of the internet, you can easily read them on your computer or any hi-tech device. You just need to go online and download the latest and greatest comic strips of your choice.

Locating Comic Books and Strips from the Golden Age

old comics stand

old comics stand

The Golden Age of comics is between 1938 and early 1950s. During this period, many of the most famous comic book characters were created. When Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 in 1938, this is often taken to mark the beginning of this period. The Golden Age continued until superhero comics became less popular in the 1950s.

Many of these comic books are rare and extremely valuable. Because of their age and rarity, they are extremely sought after by many collectors. However, despite of their rarity, copies can still be found by those who know where to find them. In some cases, you may be able to get a great deal on an obscure title. This article highlights on how you can locate your favourite comic book and strips from the golden years.

Search Your Local Book Store

One of the best places to start your search is at your local comic book stores. Even if the store does not deal in older or rarer titles, they may be able to point you in the right direction. The staff at these stores may know of other dealers who do deal in Golden Age titles. They may be even aware of a local collector who specialises in this era.

Attend Conventions

A comic book convention can also be a good place to look for Golden Age comic books and strips. In the dealer’s room, you can find a wide array of people selling all sorts of items. These items will include comic books and other memorabilia. Among this assortment, you may be able to find a selection of titles from this era which are for sale.

Check Online

Of course, these days one of the best places to look for a specific issue is the Internet. Virtually, every dealer in comic books has an online presence. You can find copies of virtually any title you can think of for sale. By going to an auction site such as eBay, you can find thousands of different titles for sale at any given moment. New items are put up for sale every day, so check back frequently.

You can also visit the online storefronts of various comic book dealers to see what they have for sale. Some of these stores also sell in person or on other sites, but you can visit their main site to see what their selection is. You can even create a personalised alert that will notify you when a copy of a specific issue goes up for sale.

However, if you are only interested in reading these titles rather than collecting them, it is also easy to find affordable reprints. You can even find the most obscure titles from the Golden Age. Most major comic publishers have reprinted these issues many times. So, you can possibly find a high-quality, full-colour reprint of these comics for a very reasonable price.

The comics of the Golden Age are some of the most historically important titles of all time. Whether you are interested in adding copies to your personal collection or you just want to read them for yourself, following the suggestions above helps you how to locate these titles and makes your search a lot easier.