How To Sell Your Collectible Comic Books Successfully

Comic book collecting is a fun and fulfilling hobby, but the circumstances under which you’ve started your collection may change with time. Perhaps your collection is becoming hard to store or your partner has asked you to downsize, therefore, it’s entirely up to you to find a good home for your comics. With that being said, the answer isn’t to simply give your comic books away as even the most seemingly insignificant pieces can sell for a reasonable amount of money. Selling your collection isn’t an endeavor that can happen overnight, but it is possible with the tips highlighted below for reference.

Know Where To Sell

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Since comic book collecting remains one of the most popular hobbies to date, there is a strong market for secondhand comics out there, but you do need to know where to sell them. The first choice for many collectors is to simply list them on auction sites such as eBay. Though you may end up getting a better price online, there’s a lot of room for error when you deal with people behind a computer screen and the uncertainty of the postal service.

Try selling your comics in person to a comic book shop. Shops are more than willing in most cases to consider purchasing used comics in good shape in order to draw in more collectors. Keep in mind, however, this option will never give you full price for your comics as shop owners are looking to turn a profit.

Comic book conventions are also worth your time if you have an extensive collection that you will need to unload. However, renting table at a convention is a costly affair that can cut into your bottom line if you’re not careful.

Price Of Comics Decreases

One of the biggest shocks that collectors receive is when they realize that their comic books aren’t increasing in value but actually decreasing. Much like cars, the moment you purchase a new comic and take it home, its overall value will start to decrease. There are some exceptions to this rule such as antique comics and comics that have first appearances, but it’s best to brace yourself against the blow!

Grade Your Comics Properly

Buyers are looking to buy graded comics as it allows them to assess the overall condition. Yellowed or creased pages can negatively impact the value of your comic books, therefore, if you’re a serious collector, you’ve hopefully stored your comics properly. Unless your comic book is rare or has a high value, you will not need it professionally graded. A simple grade of Fine, NM or fair should more than suffice for your needs.

Purchase Appropriate Storage

When you look to sell your collection, you need to ensure that you’re going to attract genuine collectors. Of course, collectors want to be sure that you’ve taken care of your comic books properly by sealing them in archival plastic bags and have used acid free backing boards. Using cheap tape and a sandwich bag is only telling people that the condition is questionable and you’ve probably not cared for your comics well.

Separate Comics Based On Value

It’s important to do your research and know what the resale value of your used comic books are. Before you start selling them, create two separate stacks; one consisting of your cheap dollar comics and another featuring your more expensive books. You may be initially surprised that some of your forgotten comics have accrued in value.

Try Bundling Hard To Sell Issues

If you have some comics that have little interest and are proving to be a hard sell, try bundling them with comics that are more attractive to buyers. Creating several lots of comics that are lesser in value will give you a chance to unload them faster and turn a nicer profit than if you were to sell them by the piece.

As you can see, selling your comic books in the secondhand market is very much possible, but you need to be willing to invest some time as it won’t happen overnight. Just bear in mind, even if you think something is worth a lot of money, you may be faced with some hard facts about the pitfalls of collecting.

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