Do You Know What a Comicstorian Is?

If you pay any attention to certain geek circles, then you’ll probably encounter a lot of interesting terms. Probably, the term “geek circle” is something that most of us have just heard or learned. It’s because it has only been in the past ten years that “geeky” stuff has become popular in the mainstream, after all.

There can be no doubt that the success of big budget movies such as The Avengers, not to mention the amount of money that goes into video games and computers, has brought the enjoyment of geeky stuff into the popular eye (or at least into the mainstream eye.) The real truth is that comic books and video games have always been considered cool and fun; it’s just that not as many people paid attention to them before compared to today.

Retro Comic Speech Bubbles

Since more people are paying attention to the idea of comic books, the idea of a comicstorian has surfaced. Simply put, a comicstorian is someone who studies the history of comic books. They’re often the type of people who approach the entire concept of comic books with an academic eye.

Comicstorians and the Academic Study

While there’s no official academic study that covers comic books specifically, that doesn’t mean there’s no academic study that can be applied to them. The entire concept of literary history can be applied to comic books. After all, comic books also have stories to tell, don’t they? They may be mostly fantasy stories that follow a narrative of their own, but they’re stories nevertheless.

So it is the job of a comicstorian to apply the concept of literary history to comic books. Some people who claim to be comicstorians even specialise in an area. For example, some become masters of a particular brand of comics, or a particular series, or even a particular character. These people are certainly experts in their chosen field – capable of telling you just about any sort of information about the thing they know. Just like any academic professor, they can provide you even with the tiniest details of their chosen subject.

The Benefits of Being a Comicstorian

To be fair, very few people can manage to make a living from being a comicstorian. There are some people who make interesting Youtube videos, earn regularly out of that. Yet by and large, having a wide breadth of comic book knowledge isn’t a thing that could normally make you financially fulfilled.

However, that doesn’t mean there are no benefits to it. Like all pop culture elements, comic books have an important place in media history. They’ve grown and changed over the years, evolving to fit the culture in which they were published. You can discover a great number of things by knowing how the media and pop culture were tailored to that era. The comics code authority, for example, is a now-defunct group that, at one time, held almost total power over what did and did not get published. Knowledge of how that came to exist and how that came to end, is something that could tell us a lot about our culture over time.

That, then, is the purpose of a comicstorian. Like any true student of pop culture, they don’t just have a great deal of trivia knowledge, they’re also capable of looking at that knowledge, and applying it to how culture has grown and evolved over the years. That’s incredibly interesting.